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Scientific commissioner
Patrick Clastres, historian and researcher, attached to the Centre d'histoire de Sciences-Po.

General commissioner
CCaroline François and Hubert Strouk, assisted by Anne-Claire Noirbent, Shoah Memorial.

Text and research on Italy
Laura Fontana, Shoah Memorial correspondent in Italy

Sophie Breuil

Benjamin Schneider

Website identification

Editor :
Mémorial de la Shoah, 17 rue Geoffroy-l’Asnier, 75004 Paris (France)

Editorial design :
Jérémy Wyler, webmaster at the Shoah Memorial

Graphics and IT :
Karine Boissière, Natures Digitales

Hosting :
LinkByNet, 39 Bd Anatole France, 93200 Saint Denis (France)

Intellectual property

The information contained in the website: is protected by the law on property rights, trademarks and patents. It is the exclusive property of the Shoah Memorial. Any partial or total reproduction for collective use is strictly forbidden without written permission from the Shoah Memorial.

The Shoah Memorial shall not be held liable for any information published on other websites accessed through a hyperlink on this site.
In addition, the Shoah Memorial shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or inherent damage related to the use of the Internet, in particular interruption of service, external intrusion, computer virus or any event qualified as force majeure in keeping with case law.

Program and coordination

Sophie Andrieu, Pauline Dubuisson, Caroline François, assisted by Émilie Simon and Anne-Claire Noirbent, Shoah Memorial.
With help from Patrick Clastres, researcher at the History Center in Sciences Po, Paul Dietschy,speaker at the University of Franche-Comté and Hubert Strouk, Shoah Memorial.


Susanne Keppler-Schlesinger, Helia Samadzadeh (Forum culturel autrichien), Gabrielle Costa de Beauregard (Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po), Joachim Umlauf and Gisela Rueb (Goethe Institut de Paris), Rossana Rummo (Institut culturel italien), Klaudia Podsiadlo and Maya Szymanowska (Institut polonais de Paris), Denis Baud, Philippe Cosson, Noah Klieger and Christian Meunier. Georges Bensoussan, Laura Fontana, Alban Perrin, Jean-Yves Potel. Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, Bundesarchiv, Arte France, Beta Film GmbH, Clavis films, Doriane Films, Gedeon Programmes, Hello Prod, Malavida Films, Metropolitan Filmexport, Sophie Dulac distribution, Zespol Filmowy, Studio Filmowe « Perspektywa ».